White Living Solutions group offers our customers the complete management of any kind of residential project through direct and personalised contact. From searching the plot for a new building to the completion of turnkey projects, including building design, licensing procedures and solving any issue during the whole process.

Our main goal is helping to achieve your dreams of a new life settling in Spain based on principles of quality, customization and fair prices. Being able to work with the most reliable companies in property management, architecture, interior design, construction, decoration, landscape design and gardening allow our group to handle any kind and size of project, taking part or solving the whole project, with the guarantee of the best brands and products.

Always working for our clients interests and optimizing resources thanks to the comprehensive management of the projects we can offer the best specialized assistance and every technical solution available. In addition our team will manage the speeding of bureaucratic procedures as well as execution, with the consequent saving of time and money. Possible because White Living Solutions is composed of the most solvent and experienced companies in Spain.